My name is Eddie Ngugi and I was born in Burundi, Bujumbura in 1988. Currently I live in London and work freelance as a Photographer.

I started my photographic career in 2011 right after graduating in Television and bought my first professional camera in fall 2014. 

I shoot Cityscape, Landscape and Travel photographs because I have adopted from a young age to explore the unknown and find the beauty in the routine. I love culture and more specifically its surroundings and human influence which is the premise of my work.

As a self taught photographer I also work closely with a variety of clients in commercial and social media photography. This allows me to flex my craft and develop new relationships in the creative industry that further my career. 

I am an ongoing volunteer Photographer for the Pavement Magazine in London and Glasgow raising awareness of homelessness and poverty in both cities. We work to build connections between charities and those in need and through our website support in a wider network in areas of discrimination, abuse and where to find support.

I am available for collaborations and commissions within or outside of the UK.


Lexus Design Award - Social Media Photographer - Ongoing

Master Photo Tour Italy - Interview 1 - 2017

Master Photo Tour Italy - Interview Part 2 - 2017

Resource Magazine, New York by Seppe Elewaut - Photographer Of The Day - 2015

Primal Magazine Online- Working as a Photojournalist - 2014

Zero Magazine, UK - London Pride article - 2014

DeFuze Magazine - Photographers Assistant - 2013